1) How can I purchase products from Foothills Tea Company?

You can purchase tea directly from our Website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. 


2) How much tea do I get for my purchase?

Every bag is weighted to have 15 + tbsps., or 30+ tsps.


3) How do I make tea?

You can make tea several different ways.  The two most common ways are to steep tea in simmering to boiling water and letting sit for 1-5 minutes.  The other most common way is to make your tea and allow the sun to steep it.  It takes longer, 2-5 hours.  But the taste and method is undeniable. Both procedures will need to have some form of infuser, tea bag, or vessel to put the tea in so it can be used in water. Please refer to your bag of sample or purchased tea or the Steeping F.A.Q page on the website for further information. 

4) How can I pay?

  • Paypal
  • Cc -  Such as  Am Ex, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, JCB
  • Apple Pay


5) How Does this product work?

All products are meant for daily use, except for Nightwatch it is designed to be used in 2 week cycles.  Rest period of non-use recommended to allow body not to assimilate with the Senna and plateau effects.


6) What is in the combo pack?

The Combo pack includes Meridie and Nightwatch.   It is sold to be used together as program.  1 Cup of each,  Meridie in the morning or midday and Nightwatch in the evening.   2 week cycle and you will have some left over.  Both bags are weighted for approximately 15 tbsp. or  30+ tsp.


7) Can we add sweeteners to Foothills Tea?

We don't recommend, but if you wish to we suggest all natural additives. This tea is designed for leaving sweeteners out.   But if you do need some, all natural honey or cinnamon is recommended.  Or a tsp or less of sweetened creamer with SnowCap Chai.


8) Will my energy level change from the tea cleanse two week cycle?

Your energy levels should change to having increased energy, healthier lighter feeling of cleansing your digestive system if you are using the Meridie blend.  Snowcap Chai has some potential to give you a small boost from the natural caffeine in the black tea. Nightwatch will tend to be a drink to wind down the evening with as well as Sandman which has zero caffeine and is excellent for evening or night use.


9) What are the side effects of your tea?

Senna is a natural laxative, and is included in the Nightwatch blend. You may experience stomach pains, cramping, etc. if you steep to long or may be sensitive to Senna.  Try less time to steep the tea and a smaller serving, or every other day.  Meridie contains green tea which has caffeine and natural Guarana.  These ingredients should boost your energy levels and suppress your appetite without causing a crash to your bodies system.


10) Can I drink these products while breastfeeding or while pregnant?

Please consult your physician. We do not recommend using Night Watch without consultation during pregnancy.


11) What about children's use?

Children under the age of 18 should consult with their parents and potentially a doctor about the use of Nightwatch due to the ingredients and effects.   Meridie has a natural caffeine and should be uses accordingly and determined by parents and or a physician. Also products are restricted for purchase to individuals under  the age of 18.


12) Will my weight stay off after finishing cycle?

Your weight is not guaranteed to stay off.  But you can try the cycle again after some time off. Please remember results come from a lifestyle change that does not limit itself to Foothills Tea products.


13) Can I drink the tea without doing the two week cycle?

Yes, the only tea we recommend staying on the cycle with is the Nightwatch and to use in combination with Meridie.  But you could also drink as needed for taste, enjoyment, or for bloating, and/or constipation. 


14) Is this tea safe to drink long term?

Yes, all tea is safe to drink long term.  Nightwatch though, does contain Senna. e recommend giving it cycles to allow the body to regain natural digestive function.


15) Where do we ship?

We ship worldwide, with free shipping in the Interior United States.


16) What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are calculated automatically at checkout depending on your location in relation to our shipping location in Colorado.


17) Can I order expedited shipping?

We do offer expedited shipping at your discretion during the checkout process.


18) I never received my tracking information?

Please contact customer service at info@foothillsteacompany.com or call us at 970-344-5365


19) How do I get a refund?

Simple,  Send us back the unopened product. Or if package is damaged or defective during delivery.  Please let us know so we can refund your money or exchange for new product. 

Please contact customer service at info@foothillsteacompany.com or call us at 970-344-5365


20) How do I cancel an order?

Please call or email us as soon a possible to cancel an order.

Please contact customer service at info@foothillsteacompany.com or call us at 970-344-5365


21) I am curious and would like to speak with somebody?

Our hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Mountain Standard time.  

Please email customer service at info@foothillsteacompany.com

Or call our office 970-344-5365 to schedule an appointment.