About Us

Foothills Tea Company was founded by Jason Brubacher and co-owed by Jason Brubacher and Nathan Hancock. We were inspired to start a business together after 20+ years of being friends and colleagues. Realizing we wanted a business of our own, we looked for an opportunity and a new venture utilizing the skills we already have. We wanted to be around home, so Berthoud, Colorado is where we formed Foothills Tea Company Ltd. The business was formed in 2016, but opened online on February 22, 2017.

Jason was the co-founder of Lyfe Tea in 2013. A leading tea-tox and herbal tea company in the United States.
Nathan was hired to be the warehouse manager in January of 2015. In the beginning we were at a 5,000 sq. foot facility.
Ultimately moving and transitioning the company into a new 20,000 sq. foot facility we learned the trade. Our connection is with Colorado. The awesome weather, our family and friends. The beautiful Rocky Mountains and progressive living are the reasons we why we are back.
It excites us to take what we have learned not only in the tea business, but in all facets of life, work, and play. Ultimately combining all these characteristics and skills to make a company that sells outstanding tea products. We will help you rise to your peak.


The Foothills Tea Company team is very distinct, just like our products.  We are extremely proud to share our knowledge about taste and tea making expertise.  Join us, we will make amazing tea blends with ingredients from around the world.