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We believe the tea is an excellent way to hydrate your body while promoting overall health that tastes fantastic. Our premium tea products are all natural, hand crafted health. Each specific tea blend is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle, and can be utilized by many individuals that may have different needs, goals, or preferences in taste. Drink our premium tea blends to help cleanse, energize, relax, soothe, promote immune system, improve overall health, or just drink it because it tastes great! It can replace an unhealthy and unsatisfactory way to fuel the body. Take a look at our blends and the description and benefits of them, enjoy! Please click on your tea for more info.


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Foothills Tea Company is passionate about 3 things; Health, Happiness, and Tea! We believe that drinking tea can and should replace unhealthy beverages that are consumed on a daily basis, filled with sugars and additives. There is no dispute that tea has been around for centuries and used in many ways for many reasons. Some cultures drink tea in ceremonial customs, some drink tea for the many health benefits, and some drink tea just because if it's's good!  Our primary focus is to bring a diverse selection of flavors, and mix them to create a delicious drink that is easy to make.