Merīdiē/Night Watch DETOX Combo Pack

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Merīdiē - is a special hand crafted blend designed to energize your body, while increasing your metabolism and boosting your immune system to promote overall health. If you are living a healthy lifestyle, or are looking for a healthier alternative to sugar filled beverages this is for you. This blend contains ingredients designed to increase certain aspects of your health including: mental clarity, energy, increased metabolism.  


Merīdiē is a day drink, designed to drink at morning or "midday" (if utilizing Merīdiē combined with Nightwatch for weight loss it is suggested to have your first cup of Merīdiē about 30 minutes after eating breakfast) but can be enjoyed anytime. For many this amazing tea blend has replaced coffee and soda, get your day started with delicious energy that tastes great.   Whether it is steeped and enjoyed hot, this blend can also be used as a sun tea, poured over ice for a clean, crisp, and refreshing hydration.



This fine tea blend is a form of all natural detox tea that has many benefits. It has been shown to assist in losing weight by naturally ridding your body of toxins, promoting your bodies immunity levels, and has a calming effect to make a great evening or night time tea.

Nightwatch is designed to watch over your body as you sleep. As your body rests while sleeping the ingredients in this fantastic tea blend assist your organs in detoxifying your body, helping you to wake up feeling energized, less bloated, and well rested. If you are using Nightwatch in combination with Merīdiē it is suggested to drink after dinner but before bed. 

For best results do not steep this tea for lingering amounts of time, please start with (around a minute) and remember increased steep time will increase effects from the tea and make stronger and more potent.